Food is essential for man’s well-being and survival, not only for man but also for animals. It helps to give us energy and the basic vitamins that the body needs to function well. So you can imagine not eating food for a day.

If food is such an important aspect of help, then venturing into farming, agriculture, or food production may be a good opportunity because you may not run out of business. People eat every now and then, and so the buying and selling of foodstuffs.

There are many countries in Africa that are in shortage of food because of drought and a lack of farmers to cultivate the food. Sometimes, a lack of money and equipment is also a setback.

Another reason for the shortage of food in Africa is that the youth are no longer interested in farming. They consider farming to be primate and hard work; they prefer to look for a white collage job.

Farming is a good business, and the government and private sectors can do more to encourage people to farm so that food can be available to feed the growing population and also provide jobs for the youth.

The government and the private sectors in Africa should buy extensive machineries and equipment for the farmers to farm.

But sadly, many African farmers are practicing peasant system of farming that many people cannot produce enough food to feed their farming throughout the year not to talk of getting food in surplus that they will eat and also sell in large quantity.

Lack of fertilizer or the increase in the cost of fertilizer whenever it is available is another factor that discourages farmers from farming. At the end of the day, the farmers are selling their farm produce almost at a loss.

Lack of chemicals on the farm is another issue. For example, if the farm is good, the farmer can just spray herbicide to kill the grass instead of cutting it with his hands and just go ahead and plant his crops.

That saves time, energy, and resources that the farmer may have spent cutting the grass manually. It is time for Africa to look for ways to improve the agricultural sector and also encourage people to farm

The following are some examples of farming that may be a very good business to start:

Bean Farming

Beans are one of the common foods that is consumed by families as a source of protein in Nigeria. Therefore, bean farming can provide a source of business for you and also a source of income.

Bean farming does not require much work after planting and does not require much water, so it is easy to grow.

If you live in an area where rain falls is not much, consider planting beans, as they do not like flooded areas.

Rice Farming

Rice is also one of the staple foods eaten in many houses in Nigeria, either in the afternoon or in the evening. It can be prepared into different forms, such jollof rice, porridge, pap, swallow, etc.

If you stay in an area where there is much rain fall and the soil is a clay soil, growing rice can be a good idea.

Fish Farming

Fishing is one of the good sources of nutrient and many people like to eat fish as it is safe and does not have much fat and cholesterol. It also contains cod liver oil that is good for the bones, teeth and the skin.

It also contains vitamin A that is good for the eyes and the skin unlike red meat that can cause much uric acid in the blood and precipitate gouty arthritis.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming like chickens, ducks, birds, turkeys etc. is a good business. You can hardly find people or culture that does not eat it and it is a good source of protein.

They can be prepare in a variety of ways such as cooking, frying or roasting and the demand is high during festive period like Christmas, new year, Easter or Sallah.

Pig Farming

Pig farming is another business to consider but you must observe your surrounding as not everyone that eat pork meat due to cultural, religion or personal reasons. So if you are staying where pork meat is eating, it may be a good source of business.

Pig farming is easy as they can eat almost everything that is given to them, so you do not have to worry much about the food, and they can produce many piglets at once.

Snail Farming

Snail farming is also a good business especially in the south east of Nigeria. They are easy to farm as they mostly eat leaves and do not require much money.


We can exhaust the important of food to man and the animals and therefore the need for farming in other to reduce famine in Africa and most especially Nigeria and to provide a source of income for the country.

During the colonial era, Nigeria relies on agriculture as a source of income for the country. Then, Nigeria use to export ground nut, beans, cocoa, palm oil etc. unlike now that we rely main on petroleum as a source of revenue for the country.






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