Higher Institutions in Gombe State

Higher Institutions in Gombe State

If you are a secondary graduate or even a graduate and want to further your education, there are many higher institutions in Gombe State where you can look for admission depending on what you want to study.

If you are a parent and you are looking for a good and close school for your ward, the following are some of the schools you may like to consider:

Gombe State University (GSU)

Gombe State University is located in Tuda Wada, in the state metropolis, behind the ECWA Gospel Church in Tudu Wada, Gombe State. The university has many wonderful structures with many modern lecture theaters.

The school has many good lecturers who impact knowledge on the students and has graduated numerous students who are doing exploits in different spheres of life both within and outside the country. Some of the lectures are from India, Egypt, etc.

The university has a beautiful and serene environment. It is one of the most beautiful universities in Nigeria and the greenest university in Nigeria due to the wonderful work of its former vice chancellor (VC), the late Abdullahi Mahdi, of blessed memory.

He has worked enormously to bring the university to where it is today as the first VC of the university.

The school offers many courses, and they have many faculty, like the College of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Art and Social Science, and many more.

Though it is a state university, it has students from different parts of the country. That is the school I graduated from, so I will confidently say it is good.

Federal College of Education (FCE)

The Federal College of Education (FCE) Gombe is located at Dukku Road, is one of the older schools in the state, and has produced excellent students and teachers who are helping to impart knowledge to the younger ones in different places.

Federal University Kashere (FUK) 

The university is located in Kashere, in the Akko local government area of the state. Though the school was just recently established, it has produced many good students from different parts of the country.

College Of Nursing and Midwifery, Gombe

The College of Nursing and Midwifery is located at Jakada Fari in the state metropolis, close to government science Gombe along Bauchi Road. The school has produced many excellent students to care for the health needs of the state.

The first set of students to graduate from the school was employed by the state government of the then Muhammadu Danjuma Goje administration, and ever since the college has been graduating students who are working in different parts of the country.

College Of Health, Kaltungo

College of Health Kaltungo is also one of the older schools in the state and has produced many wonderful students.

Gombe State University of Science and Technology (GSUST)

The university is located in Kumo, in the Akko local government area of the state, and was established in 2017.

The university offers a wide range of courses such as business management, English language, accounting, public administration, education and biology, zoology, economics, mathematics, physics, sociology, political science, geography, etc.

Pen Resource University

The university, located at Lafiyawo along Bauchi Road, Gombe State, was established in 2022 and was accredited by the National University Commission.

Pen Resource University is a private university that has both primary and secondary schools. The school was just recently established and is one of the first universities to kick up, even though some universities have tried in the past but failed.

It has so many faculty and departments, such as the faculty of science, the faculty of education, the faculty of pharmacy, the Faculty of medicine, the faculty of clinical science and dentistry, the faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, etc.

College of education Biliri (COE Biliri)

The school is located in the Biliri local government area of the state and was established in 2017.

The college offers so many courses in the school of science, which include computer education and physics, computer education and chemistry, computer and mathematics, chemistry and mathematics, integrated science and chemistry, etc.

In the School of Art and Social Science, some of the courses offered include CRS and social studies, CRS and political science, social studies and economics, social studies and political science, culture and creative art, English, etc.


Gombe State has many higher education institutions across the state that offer many good courses. Many of these schools, or all of them, are approved by the Nigeria University Commission and other bodies that regulate the standard of education in Nigeria.

Also, most of the schools use JAMB to give admission to qualified students, apart from direct entry. Gombe is a wonderful place where you can enjoy your stay throughout your studies. The cost of living is simple and easy.






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