School, as a citadel of learning, is very important in the life of a child. Just as the home and the environment where a child grows up have a great impact on the child, so too does the school.

The school is where the child spends most of his time during the day and is therefore very important in the life of the child.

School, as an institution of socialization, is where the child learns a lot, apart from the family, which is the first institution of learning.

There are so many reports across different schools where some children are abused, either sexually or physically harassed, and some of these cases lead to the death of the child.

Therefore, it is important to enroll your child so he can be protected, not only to learn, because many of those cases of abuse arise out of the negligence of the teachers.

If they enter the classroom and learn, they do not care what happens to the children when they are outside to play.

Another thing to consider is that you may find out that children from some schools do excellently well. This is because of the good teachers that they have and also because of the conducive environment in which they have to learn.

Gone are the days when parents sent their children to school just to secure a white-collar job, but things have changed now.

Parents send their children to school to learn so that they can interact with and work in the outside world.

Today is not about the certificates you obtain, but about what you can deliver and the skills you have.

Private Primary School in Gombe      

The following are the top 10 private primary schools in Gombe State:. They are not listed according to their high ranking.

Some of the factors that are considered are the performance of these children in school when it comes to quiz competitions, WAEC and NECO examinations, and their ability to speak and write in English.

Also, many of these students go on to do well at higher institutions in their chosen field.

Baptist Primary School

Baptist Primary School is located right inside the Gombe local government area, close to nursing and midwifery in the Jeka Dafari area. The school also has a secondary in New G.R.A. along Bauchi Road.

The students exhibit a high degree of competency both in academics and extracurricular activities. The school has standard facilities and equipment for learning.

The school has boarding schools for both primary and secondary schools in the primary section.

ECWA Good News Primary School

ECWA Good News Primary School is located in old G.R.A., close to the state Ministry of Education. Before they resided in the Bolari area, they moved to their current permanent residence.

The school has a great record both in academics and extracurricular activities. The school also has a high level of discipline as it is a missionary school. The school has good security, and the school is well-fenced.

Yahaya Ahmed Model School

Yahaya Ahmed Model School is situated in the new G.R.A. along Bauchi Road. It also has a secondary school in the Lafiyawo area.

The school has good modern buildings and facilities for children and is well protected, so you do not have to worry about the security of your children.

Gombe High School

Gombe High School is located in Jeka Dafari, behind the Government House. The school has produced excellent students who have won so many competitions.

It has both primary and secondary schools in the same place. It is a day of school.

ECWA Primary School, Tundu Wada

ECWA Primary School Tundu Wada is located behind Gombe State University; it is in close proximity to ECWA Church No. 3 Tundu Wada Gome.

The school has both primary and secondary schools. Students excelled both in academic and extracurricular activities.

The school has a wonderful building and a serene environment for children to learn.

Joy Academics

Joy Academics is located at a low cost in Gombe local government. The school has good structures and facilities.

The school has good teachers, and this has shown in the outcome of student learning.

Bethany International School

Bethany International School is located in the Nasarawo area. The school has both primary and secondary.

Students from the school have performed excellently well in every area. The school has good classrooms and facilities.

St. James Primary School

St. James Primary School is situated in the Herogana area, close to the main market of Gombe.

Pen Resource Academics

 Pen Resource Academics It has both day and boarding schools. It has a nursery, primary, junior, and senior secondary schools.

The school just opened its own university, which is the first private university in the state.

Evangel Primary School

Evangel Primary School is located opposite the Gombe State Agriculture Development Programme (GSADP). It has a nursery, a primary school, and a secondary school.

The secondary is now at the permanent site in Tunfure, close to the reservoir.  The school has good structures and facilities, and students from this school have good educational records.


There are a lot of beautiful and excellent schools in Gombe State where you can enroll your child or children if you are thinking of relocating to Gombe or if you are already in Gombe and want to change schools for your children.

Just go through, and you can visit some of these schools depending on the one you want and how close it is to your house, so that the school will not be far for the child.

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