Shopping or ordering things online can be quite challenging. You may get exactly what you want. You may have heard the saying, “What I ordered versus what I got.”.

Many people could have had one experience or another with online vendors or companies and decided not to buy things online again.

Some people have been scammed or delivered fake items or even substandard goods, but we still cannot rule out online businesses and services.

Things you should do      

Always make your research or findings before you buy things online.

Buy from well-known companies or vendors.

If it is a new company or vendor that you do not know, ask people around if they heard about them. Where is their office base?

You can also agree to pay on delivery, or you can pay half or complete the balance when they deliver the goods.

You can also try the company or vendor by buying small quantities of the things you need until you are satisfied.

As much as online shopping has so many disadvantages, we cannot overrule the fact that it also has many advantages.

It is becoming popular day by day and many people are becoming familiar with it and are accepting it.

online shops

The following are some of the online shops:

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is one of the biggest online shopping sites in Nigeria, and one good thing about Jumia is that its products are cheap.

You can buy so many items, like books, clothes for men, women, and children, electronic appliances, and groceries. You can also pay while they deliver your goods.

You can visit their site at www.jumia.com.ng


Koga is another online shopping site in Nigeria that you can order things online and it will be deliver right there at your door step.

Koga and Yudala come together to form one company.

Visit them at their site at www.konga.com


Jiji is another online shopping site in Nigeria. They sell so many items, ranging from household products, clothes for genders and children, electronic appliances, etc.

One unique thing about this site, you can even find fairly used items to buy. It is also a place where you can sell your used items such as phone.

You pay after you receive your orders and confirm they is in good condition.

Check their site at www.jiji.ng


Kilimall is an online shopping site also in Nigeria, and they also have an app that you can use to login.  It is also available in Kenya and Uganda.

Kilimall offers various items, such as electronics, clothes, shoes, soap, perfumes, and many more.

You can visit their site at www.kilimall.ng


Jamrahome is another online shopping site for you to make your orders from such as electronics, home appliances, clothes, shoes etc.

You can find them at their site at www.jamrahome


SuperMart is also an online shopping site where you can conveniently order things right in the comfort of your room and it will be delivered to you.

They say things like clothes, shoes, toiletries, medicines, beauty products, infant products, etc.

Visit them at their site at www.supermart..ng


Kara is an online shopping site that you can also buy things wherever you are in Nigeria most especially electronics such computers, television, radio, phones, pressing irons,s, etc.

They have online different options where you can pay your money before the goods are delivered to you like credit card/debit card and also cash on delivery.

You can visit them at their site, www.kara.com.ng

3C Hub

3C Hub is also an online store where you can order goods wherever you are in Nigeria. Just like the rest, they also say household items, electronics, clothes, shoes, lotions, perfumes, and many more.

Check them out at their site at www.3chub.com


SLOT is an online store also in Nigeria for you to buy what you need. They sell a wide range of products like computer, mobile phones, clothes, shoes etc.

Check them at their site at www.slot.com


Webmall is also a Nigeria online shopping site for you to explore when you want to order for things online.

Webmall also sell so many things just like the rest. Check them at their site at www.webmallng.com


Online shopping is easy; it reduces stress and cost of transport. Your order can be deliver right there at your doorstep.

You also have to be careful while you shop online because there are many scammers and sometime you order may be different from what they deliver. You should make your research before anything.








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